The Disruption

Lavishly enjoying my sleep, I suddenly felt like the walls of my home were closing in on me. Why the pressure on every side? I wondered what was happening. As I slowly peered my eyes open to look around, I shut them immediately for fear of seeing something scary. I tried the second time but did not notice any change in my environment.

 Wait a minute; this place is becoming more uncomfortable. It feels like the water is reducing. Oh my God, why the push on my bum? My head just entered a different enclosure; I don’t have much wiggle room. Oh no, that’s a painful squeeze on my head. And now my head is turning in this little space. How is that even possible? It feels like I’m moving, and I can not stop myself—a painful roller coaster ride. The water is almost dried up now. My head is out, and it feels different here.  The rest of my body is squeezing through gradually. It is not as painful as when my head was in there.

Oh great, I’m fully out. Why all the noise, many people are talking at once. They sound jubilant. I listen closely and identify a familiar voice.

Please allow me time to rest. I’ve been forced out of my comfort zone under the most life-threatening circumstances. I could have died, you know.

Where is this place?

It is very bright out here and cold too. I had to close my eyes shut to avoid the glare. Now I can feel a touch on my face, and something entered my nostrils. Now a pat on my back.  No… many pats on my back; what’s that about? That is a rude interruption. I was sleeping in peace before this whole ordeal. I’m yet to understand what is happening. Now, this!  I can hear some sounds coming from… wait a minute, it’s from me.

Let me try to make it louder. I give it a try and I hear people jubilating. Then I felt it again. I don’t know what the person is rubbing my whole body but that feels good. Now I feel cold but I feel the soft material. around me, I’m covered with it.  I love it, I just need to sleep right now.

Hunger pangs

When I tried to open my eyes a little to see my new environment, I saw people smiling at me.  What’s that feeling in my tummy? I can’t describe it but I knew what to do to stop it in my former home. I would open my mouth and get some water to swallow.  I have just tried that here but no water in my mouth. Let me try that sound I made earlier before I got the massage that sent me to sleep. Oh great, I can feel some water in my mouth now. This one feels different though. It is sweeter but I have to bring out more with my mouth if I need more. My tummy is full now and I still feel like sleeping.

The feeling

How do you push through a tight corridor surrounded by bones? My head was squeezed like dough in the hands of a diligent baker. I felt pressure around my chest so much I almost suffocated. It felt like my bones were breaking. For the Ist time, I felt the air around me instead of the water that I was used to. It felt cold, like the wind in the middle of a freezing December. I was rudely awakened by the excruciating process through which I came out of my cosy home.

 I like that I have more room now to stretch out. I am beginning to enjoy this place. A familiar voice awakens me. I heard this voice so many times in my former home. I peer at the face from which the familiar voice came. Mama! Nice to finally put a face to the voice, mama. She smiled at me, and I smiled back.